Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentines Day Dedication to my Husband

The last couple of years Chris & I haven't exchanged gifts on Valentines day, finances & lack of planning have all contributed & the fact that neither of us can actually think of anything we would like that we could afford on a budget, so I thought what better gift than to write a little blog post about my husband & what his love means to me.

Those of you of a non-soppy disposition turn back now !

My Husband, My Best Friend

Chris & I have a relatively new relationship compared to a lot of people, we have been together 4 years this year & what a whirlwind it's been, four house moves, numerous jobs, highs & lows & two babies !

I'm not going to go into details of how we met for personal reasons but what I can say is without a doubt is that when I first met him I felt like my heart recognised him, those of you that don't believe in love at first sight won't get it but those of you that do will know exactly what I mean.

We spent so much time in the beginning talking, telling each other every single detail of our lives, our experiences & we also chatted a lot of nonsense but that didn't matter because I couldn't get enough of his company. I told Chris things that I had never told another person, not one single other person knows as much about me as he does.

I had always been really hard on myself but Chris accepted who I was right from the start & this gave me the freedom to open up & really be myself for the first time ever, & what an amazing feeling that was.

Chris & I have been through so much in the last 4 years, most of it you couldn't make up but it's just made us stronger & more determined to fight hard for the life we both want & deserve.

We got married 2 years ago at the local registry office, just us & two witnesses, exactly how we wanted it.

Chris works so hard for our little family, he works long hours & rarely has a Saturday off for very little reward, I don't know how he does it but he very rarely gets down about it, I only wish I had as much strength & perspective as he does.

Of course we have tiff's like other couples it wouldn't be normal not to, the silly thing is they are very rarely about us, sometimes the stresses of the outside world creep in & we only have each other as a sounding board.

Thank you Chris for being my best friend, for listening to my worries & fears, for telling me every day how much I am loved.

Let's grow old together, the best is yet to come.........


No Matter What x


  1. Ahhhh so lovely. May you have many more happy years together :) x

  2. this is so sweet! I'm so soppy, it reminds me of my husband and I, so I'm a bit teary eyed reading this. I agree with Keri, hope you have many happy years together. Hope that things only get better for your beautiful family <3